Who we are?

Life is no less than a Disneyland, if you see it with the eyes of a kid. Childhood is the most wonderful time-period of one’s life, but with the passage of time, the mentality of a child changes gradually. When a kid grows little older and steps into the world of teenagers, he begins assuming himself a master of his own life. But after crossing the teenage life, when he meets the reality of life then many challenges, responsibilities, and problems are waiting ahead for him, which tests his ability to tackle and overcome them.


Majority of us stuck in these kinds of situations and when we fail to resolve these problems then we lose hope and self-confidence. The most vital thing which we need in these difficult times is the “patience” and it is the key to that door which would take us out of these miserable circumstances. Patience is the solution to every problem and the precious ingredient of the recipe of “life-mastery”.

In the modern world of technologies, we all are engaged in the unreal society of social media, we are busy in making money, impressing people, collecting comforts which we think is the necessity of life but the reality is something else, which we are ignoring for momentary pleasures. This is the chief reason of all our problems such as relationship problems, stress, mental illness (depression, anxiety), lack of self-belief, financial problems, 

and emotional problems, etc. In this complex world, we are making our lives more intricate.


B An Example is a blogging site which re

My name is Baljeet Singh, I started this site (B An Example) for all those who are facing common life problems. I understand how it feels when nothing goes in our favor and life constantly throws the stones of difficulty one after one. I also went through this phase of life and hence gets motivated to set-up this website, so that we learn from each other’s experiences and help those who need support.


B An Example is a blogging site which reflects on the simple formula of the path towards peace & success. Here you can find blogs related to variety of subjects such as happiness, self-belief, inner peace, humanity, success, relationships, spirituality, simplicity, self-knowledge, life-mastery, and more. This is not a religious site; it’s about self-improvement through learning and applying new practical ways which will advance you towards “life-mastery”.

This is not my site. It’s your site because even you can share your own life experiences and the lessons you’ve learned from them with people globally. Although we live in different parts of the world, belongs to different communities but our problems are similar. So, you can submit your blog posts related to as per the website’s topics. I believe the simplest way you can help yourself is by helping others.


So, don’t wait, act now, may be your experiences and knowledge would fill someone’s life with prosperity. Let’s stand together and spread the color of happiness to make this world a better place to live. I hope you all wonderful souls would support me to help people across the globe because your small experience(s) can make a big difference to transform someone’s life.


Nourish your inner-self with the power of wisdom and live your life in the way so that your character would b-an-example for others.


Thank you for sharing your experience(s) and supporting others.


Baljeet Singh 

Founder: www.banexample.com

Email: email@banexample.com