Updated: May 25, 2020

"You must be very polite with yourself, when you are chasing your goals." - Unknown

We are the human beings of the 21st century and living lives full of stress, high expectations and zero politeness (not even for ourselves). We always try to be perfect in everything, instead competing with ourselves, we compete with others and when we fail to beat them, and then curse ourselves.

We set goals and work hard to accomplish them but sometimes when we end up unsuccessful, then start reacting like a looser, the habit of not accepting things in positive manner filled our mind with unlimited negative thoughts, which gradually demolish our will powers.

Our confidence levels fall lower to the point where even small failures force us to doubt our potential. We criticize ourselves for those circumstances or things which are not in our hands or we have no control over. In this material world, we become over-emotional for things that really do not matter and hardly deserve any space in our lives.

Have you ever asked yourself why you do this to yourself? Stop for a few minutes and give your mind a chance to think and analyze things because you can’t get out of this trap of self-frustration until you give your brain a much-needed break to look upon things. There is one overly critical thing you need to learn, accept and believe; your thoughts are the clear reflection of what you show your mind through your eyes and let it listen through your ears because your mind, ears, and eyes have incredibly deep relation, which if you understand once then you can master your thoughts. And once you master your thoughts, things will totally be in your control.

So, stop cursing yourself for those petty things which only could lead you to misery. Moreover, accept things in the way they are; you are not here to make things perfect, you are here to create stuff in your own way.

Your actions with full of anxiety and your rude way of speaking to others show that you are irritated from yourself, you don’t love yourself. Remember one thing, if you can’t bother to spend a few minutes in a day to care for yourself then you would never find it important to look after your loved ones because loving others begins with self-adoring.

If you worked really hard and failed to achieve your goal then don’t blame yourself, I understand you may feel exhausted and many negative thoughts come into your mind but focus on relaxing your mind first, take your failure as a lesson for future, analyze the process and note down where you did the mistake then come up with a strong plan and accomplish your goal. Whatever you do in your life, if it doesn’t end on a happy note then keep in mind it’s not over yet.

You can’t change your past, you don’t know what would future bring, but you can curb your present. Don’t squander it by criticizing yourself for your past mistakes, which you can’t alter, instead learn from them. Forgive yourself for the past mistakes. It’s meaningful to live a mediocre and blissful life rather than living a life of wealthy victims. Life is a onetime investment then why to waste it in sorrow? when you have the option to cherish every moment in a memorable way.

Love yourself unconditionally and never ever spend a single minute on unnecessary stuff when the same minute has the power to change your world. Thank the supreme “GOD” who blessed you with uncountable resources. Your perspective towards life should be profoundly clear then you could do something for yourself, your loved ones, and most important for society.

Your politeness and patience would define your journey of living a successful life. So, think before you speak, especially in decisive situations; your words actually describe your capability to handle any condition. Last but not least, never fear failures, because today’s failures and struggles will give you lifetime rewards. Think positive, keep going, do your best and the results will be astonishing.

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