Updated: Jul 7, 2020

Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise. - Victor Hugo

Few months back none of us imagined that we would face such dangerous circumstances. Whatever is happening nowadays is reminding us of those thrilling virus movies, which we watched for entertainment but now the same scenario is in front of us and it still seems unreal. Yes! I am talking about the “Corona Virus” (Covid-19).

When everything was occurring smoothly, some people living their lives with serenity while others dealing with stressful schedules and how to forget kids who only knows to delight every moment, then suddenly something weird occurred which not only changed the life of every single human being but also of other organisms.

“Nature” is showing his power, which human beings ignored in the past decades. There may be no one who is not familiar with Newton’s third law; “For every action, there is equal and opposite reaction”. The current situation is the result of our consistent actions and behaviours towards nature. Nature never does anything wrong with anyone but one of the major principles of life is, “we reap what we sow” and the consequences cannot be more transparent than the current situation.

Human actions put other organisms in complications; destroyed their habitats by vanishing forests and snatched their freedom from them. Today, nature showed us that how it feels when someone seizes your freedom.

It’s actually the beginning of new “changes & opportunities”, the change of mentality, behaviours, sentiments, lifestyle, thoughts, and many more, whereas the opportunity to understand our inner-self, relationships, priorities, kids, and most importantly our priceless nature. When something unexpected occurs and closes one door then many fresh doors opens, if coronavirus pushes you into your homes then quarantine opens infinite doors of opportunities for you, how you see the circumstances that what makes the difference.

It is the finest time to replace your negative habits with the positive ones, you would not get a much better time than this in the future because if it is not now then it would be never. Everything will be changed forever, once the situation comes under control.

Nature gives you the time to think and decide your future. Analyze your past actions and mistakes, write them down on a notebook, plan to improve them, and extremely imperative act immediately. If you previously faced relationship problems, now you have plenty of time to sort them out, spend time with your family especially with your kids.

If you were thinking to wake up early every morning then make it your enduring habit now. If you are facing health problems because you are overweight then start exercising daily. In the same way, if you are depressed, stressed, dealing with anxiety and other mental issues, cure them now; it’s your golden opportunity.

Do what you always want to do but your fear prevents you from doing it. Recognize your inner-self, your strength, weaknesses, power, and chiefly your life’s purpose, it’s your time either utilize it or squander it, all is in your hands. This is the perfect time to come out of your comfort zone, read biographies of legends, adapt the mentality of billionaires.

It is a wakeup call by nature, an ideal time to enhance your inner persona. Realize the value of commodities, God has blessed you with, use them to rise your life. Always remember one thing; Life is a one time opportunity, live it to the fullest or waste it, the choice is yours. Nature is beyond our imagination, so love, and respect it.

I strongly believe that these circumstances will end very soon, keep your morale high, and never give up. Together we can win any battle, so help each other. I would like to thank all the essential service employees (doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other health workers, police officers, truck drives, all the organizations who are working day and night to overcome this crisis, and every single individual who is helping others on their own) across the globe for serving selflessly to save lives. You can also contribute to humanity by staying home. My deep condolence to all the families around the world who lost their loved ones due to Corona Virus. #stayhome #staysafe #savelives


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