By constant self-discipline and self-control, you can develop greatness of character. - Grenville Kleiser

Your body is the universe in itself, your mind is an ocean and your thoughts are organisms which live in it. Self-control is all about your contemplation, whatever you think it comes out either in the form of your actions or through your conversations. It is the success formula of every billionaire, so embed one thing in your mind, if you want to accomplish your goals and keep motivated all the time, you should first master your thoughts.

Before deeply understand this topic, firstly it is important to know what exactly self-control is? The ability to control thoughts, emotions, desires, and feelings demonstrates your self-control. It is that peaceful state of your mind which separates you from ordinary people and augments your potential to achieve extraordinary goals.

There are a lot of people who says they cannot control their thoughts, feeling, and emotions because these are natural, but the truth is they do not want to change themselves, as they are slaves of their minds. Those who changed the world or successfully made a solid impact, they first changed themselves, means they first controlled their minds.

Let me forthright with you, self-control is not a doodle or something which you can buy from supermarket but it doesn’t mean you can’t control your mind. Every experienced person in any profession was once a beginner, learned skills over time, utilized its every minute, days, weeks, months, year(s) and this is how he mastered his skills. In the same way, self-control is a long process; your consistent practice will reward you with life time serenity and satisfaction. Your mental status is the key which decides your future, if your mind is protected with positive aura then every game of life is in your hands.

Let me explain this concept with the help of an illustration: imagine you are a college or university student, your exams would be going to start exactly after a week from the moment you read this blog and your first exam would be of chemistry. Suppose you could be preparing your exam syllabus and you take a 30 minutes break to refresh your brain. A thought comes to your mind and you decide to talk with your best friend just to release the exam stress. The moment you pick your phone, open the contacts to call your friend, the very same moment you receive a notification of this blog post because you subscribe for new blog updates on (Don’t break the momentum read the complete blog and subscribe after that).

The title of this blog attracts you, so you drop the idea of calling your friend and you start reading this blog. After completing reading this blog you may say “nice blog”, thereupon you feel hungry and go to the kitchen and eat more than enough, after this your 30 minutes would be over. When it is time to resume your preparation from where you left, one more thought comes to your mind which gives you the indication of slumber, as you eat more than the necessity. Now, another thought arrives to your mind which makes you remember that you have one whole week for the exam preparation. You start feeling lethargic, jump on your bed, and wake up after three hours.

Conclusion: You take the 30 minutes break that’s meaningful but the moment your thought pushes you to call your friend and you don’t even tried to change it, you messed up everything at that time, this shows you have no control over mind and your self-control level could be so poor, that you can’t even prioritize what’s important for you at that instant.

Let’s consider the same situation in another way: You take 30 minutes of break after studying for continuously 3 to 4 hours, a thought strikes your brain to call your friend, but you strongly oppose that thought; and ask yourself to talk to your friend after exams, as you need to focus on your exams now. So, you opt to refresh your mind in other ways (such as practice long breathing for few minutes, drink water and do some simple body relaxing exercises or if you feel hungry you can eat fruits rather than any heavy food). After relaxing your mind for 30 minutes you could be back to exam preparation and you successfully save your time.

Now, you may think if you wouldn’t pick up your phone with the intention of calling your friend then how would you read this blog. Its answer is simple you have an option to read this blog after your exam, but you cannot shift your exam to other date, if it is after one week, it means you have only 7 days to cover your syllabus.

Self-control is a kind of commodity which makes you aware of what’s more important for you at any given moment. So, stop squandering your time on redundant tasks, choose wisely because your one great choice has the power to change your life. Understand the value of self-control in your life, it’s the key to success, and always remember one thing, people who control their minds, only they won the world and be practical because results happen over time.

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