“The powers of the mind are like the rays of the sun. When they are concentrated, they illumine.” - Swami Vivekananda

Concentration plays an imperative role in every single work you do, whether you are preparing your breakfast or attending a vital office meeting. Every task you perform in your daily life (cooking, driving, reading etc) demands concentration, but if you do not concentrate on what you do, you will never get the results you want. Concentration is one of the huge essential ingredients in your recipe of goal, without which you can’t get the perfect output or you can say, it is as essential as the salt in the recipe of pasta.

Concentration is that positive energy which keeps you motivated all the time, helps you to come out of your comfort zone, strengthens your personal relationships. Moreover, it is the secret of inner-peace and self-mastery, and the way-out of all your dilemmas. Concentration is another name of “SUCCESS”.

If your mind is deeply concentrated then nothing can distract you from fulfilling your dreams, you stop reacting to unnecessary stuff and you will feel a positive change in yourself. The power of concentration is far beyond your imagination.

Let me explain it with the help of a story; in a wintry afternoon, once a photographer visited alone in the forest to capture a mystical view, but unfortunately in the search of exquisite sight he somewhere lost in the forest and it was too late when he realised it, because until then he travelled too far in the woods.

For the initial few minutes, he panicked a lot and started shouting “please help me” in the hope, if someone near to him would get him out of the woodland, unluckily no-one was there to rescue him and after yelling for five to ten minutes he sat on a rock like a handicapped person who unable to do anything on his own.

The shining sun was the only good thing for him that day. When he was sitting on a rock, many negative thoughts came to his mind, but he knew that concentration and positivity were the only forces which would help him to get out of this situation, so with a strong mind he decided not to give up and tried his best to overcome this trouble.

The sun was on his way to shine the other part of the world and also the moon was getting ready for the next shift. At that time, he immediately started searching for useful stuff inside his bag; but he only had few camera lenses along with his professional camera, as he didn’t plan for night stay.

The time was around 4:30 pm and as the winter days are shorter than summer, so he had very less time left to sort out all. He saw uncountable thin dry woods everywhere on the surface and his concentration delivered him a great idea. He collected those sticks and found an open space to burn the sticks with some green leaves over the fire to produce black fumes (it’s a kind of symbol which means someone stuck badly and seeking help) with the hope that when these fumes reached high in the sky then someone would definitely understand the signal and come to find him.

He did exactly, what he planned. Providentially some people in the near village noticed those intentional fumes of help and straight away rushed towards the jungle. When the sky was full with stars and the moon was showering his light on our precious celestial body (The EARTH), then the nature created a splendid view for that photographer who was only there just to capture the undefined scene. He stood, rolled his eyes everywhere, picked up the camera and clicked that resplendent view.

When he was enjoying the beauty of nature, someone from behind asked him “do you need any help my friend?” (This man was one of the villagers who headed to the jungle with other inhabitants after observing those fumes in the sky). By seeing them, he replied “the beauty of nature is unbelievable” with a gentle smile on his face. Afterwards, he went back with the villagers and spent whole night with them in their village. In the next morning, the villagers showed him the path to get out of the forest. He thanked the villagers and set himself on the way back to home.

Now here comes the exceptional point to notice, the “power of concentration”. Do you get how he burned those thin dry sticks? He used the camera lens to burn them; firstly he broke the sticks into small pieces, then placed them under the lens and in the end, sets the lens in the manner that sun rays after passing thought the lens focused at one point on the dry sticks, and finally he succeeded to burn those sticks.

Look, if the sun rays, by focusing at one point after penetrating the lens, can produce fire and saved the life of that photographer, then there’s nothing exist in this world which you can’t achieve by directing the concentration of your mind on your targets.

Another conspicuous thing is, the photographer visited the jungle just to seize a miraculous view with his camera, he fatefully lost his way and stuck in the middle but there was some reason behind all this. If light of the sun served him with the kind of view he was looking for, then how could he nourish his soul with that magical night view?

In the end I just want to say CONCENTRATION would help you to accomplish everything you expect in your life, but the utmost vital point is never lose hope because every single thing in this universe happens for a reason from my typing this blog to its reading by all your wonderful souls. It’s the beginning of a wonderful and most importantly a peaceful journey. Thank you in advance for reading this blog.

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