“The trouble is, you think you have time.” - Buddha

We all have a lot of things in common but I believe "TIME" is the most precious among all of them. It comes in the inventory of those things of life which you cannot buy, even if you are a billionaire and that is why someone said, “time is priceless”. It doesn’t matter which corner of the globe you live in, but you get only 24 hours in a day, not more or less than that, your clock gives you just 60 minutes in each hour and your every minute is defined by 60 seconds.

You cannot control the motion of the clock; the moment once passed you will never get it back and this is the power of time. The best possible thing you can do is, you can utilize the time in your life-changing tasks i.e. to accomplish your goals. Do you ever think what the most successful people do to accomplish their goals; they respect their own time, they perform consistently without dissipating a single minute on useless stuff because they know one thing very clearly that time never cares about anyone.

Stop squandering your time in unnecessary gossips and other redundant stuff; it is absolutely not going to be counted in your life’s notebook. Focus on your own life, improve the utilization of your time, what you think about others, or what others assume about you wouldn’t going to change your life or affects anyone else’s life.

The quality of your life, your knowledge, your productivity, and almost everything depends upon how you utilize your time. Learn to manage your time now; your future will be far better than your expectations. Time doesn’t care, if you are rich or poor, which community you belong to, what your skin color is; it will give you everything if you respect it. A poor has the ability to achieve anything if he understands the value of time and a rich can lose everything if he takes it for granted.

The most wonderful thing about time is, it changes constantly. If your life is sheltered with darkness today, then no doubt bright days are on their way to arrive. Time is actually the biggest hope, which motivates you to believe in yourself and teaches you to never give up regardless of the circumstances.

Some people say they are not going through good times, but I would say time is always good, what may not be good is their awareness about time. They are not investing their time in the right things or their target may be unclear. Be conscious of the things you are doing or happening around you, then you would make the good choices in order to produce excellent results and most important be creative with your time, try your hands on those things which you always want to do (these are the secrets of achievers).

My younger brother always asks me one question “which engineering should I pursue after 12th grade so that I could get a big fat salary”. From my experience, I just told him two things; follow your intuitions and invest your time in them as much as you can and in the future, you will find yourself in an unforeseen position. Always follow your intuitions, do what you love to do and save your time, the money will automatically chase you.

Someone said very well, those who learn from their own mistakes are great, but those who learn from others’ mistakes are marvelous and wise because they do not waste their time repeating the same mistakes which others did, as they understand the significance of time and achieved beyond their goals.

So wake up now, focus on what’s important, respect your time, and most imperatively do what you love the most, something which elevates not only you to the state of divinity but also the people around you. Now the choice is yours what you want to be; great or marvelous and wise. Choose wisely but quickly because time waits for none.

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