BAnExample welcomes everyone openheartedly, it is a place for community, where people can share their life experiences and most importantly what they’ve learned from them with people all across the globe. By sharing your priceless knowledge you can help those who are in need of support.

The amazing fact about BAnExample is anyone from anywhere can submit their blogs; it is not only for experts, professional bloggers, or life coaches but also for all those lovely souls who are willing to contribute their part to the betterment of humanity.



Why Contribute to BAnExample?

Our objective is to light the candle of hope in those who stuck in the middle of their problems and help them to build a new character which not only inspires themselves but especially others. This is only possible if you support us, stand with us because “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Helen Keller. So, let’s come together and change the lives of those who are feeling helpless and need support to come out from the dark phase of life.

Please make sure you include brief bio. We’ll mention it in the blog and you can include your website links as well, which would increase traffic on your website.


Writing Guidelines

1. Include a quote on the top which best suites your blog post.


2. We recommend the word count between 700 to 2000 words. You can also submit your blog post if it comprises more than 2000 words but minimum word count shouldn’t be less than 700.


3. Your post’s chances of getting selected to be feature on our website would increase if you share your own life experiences. Do not write too much detail about how you trapped into that situation? What happened? Who helped you? How did you feel when it occurred? If you want to focus on these aspects then it should be brief and your way of explaining must be far stronger. Try to concentrate more on what you’ve learned from your tough times.


4. Offer a kind of stuff which helps readers to surmount similar challenges such as what motivates you to overcome it? How you came out of it (some practical tips)? and more. Your blog should be clear and precisely targeting the specific topic you choose to write about, so that reader would be more curious to know how you conquer the situation and what you learned and something that augment their will power and confidence.


5. Avoid stating any references in your blog such as coaching practice, book, or more. Your blog post should be for the wellness of humanity.

6. Submit your original and honest post, that is your post doesn’t include any section taken from any previously published post by others.

7. Keep paragraphs to three to four sentences. Your bio word count should be under 80 words at the end of the post.


8. The link you mention in the post regarding your business, course, service, product, or workshop may be removed. We recommend you to include these links in your bio only.



How to Submit Blog Post?

There are three ways of submitting your blog post either you can directly email your post at or you can submit by logging into your account on our website or click here to submit your post. Please note that, if you want us to show your photo adjacent to your bio then you can email your photo at and don’t forget to mention your name in subject and blog title in the message box.


NOTE: If your post seems perfect then it will be available for readers within 24-48 hours otherwise wait for our email reply. You may also be asked to make your post strong or clear and your post title might also be changed before it goes live. We may also edit your post for clarity, grammatical mistakes, and overall style. If we make any major changes then we will email you to review and approve it before posting it.



Thank you for sharing your knowledge, experiences, and lessons.

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